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Accessing our site is an option for everyone

Accessibility on our website

Because of our continued dedication to achieving almost perfection with our website and also our physical location in Carlisle, we now have this dedicated web page and is geared to how you access our website,

As a responsible and well respected self storage operator based in Carlisle, we are proud to be completely driven and committed to providing easy to navigate web pages that are fully accessible to all – that is the widest possible audience regardless of anyone’s individual circumstances and ability.​

We are proud to state we strive to adhere as best we can to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG 2.0, Level AA ), which are published by the World Wide Web Consortium; W3C.

These comprehensive guidelines clearly explain how to make Website content more accessible for those subject to disabilities and our conformance to such guidelines helps make the web more user friendly for all that use it, though it stands to reason that strive to these guidelines, sometimes it’s not totally possible to do so covering all the all areas of our website, but we strive to achieve this.

Due to the technical nature of this website, there are always going to be the odd minor issues which occasionally occur as it is updated in order to keep our pages and useful storage related content up to date but we are continually seeking improved solutions that will bring our site up to the very highest levels of accessibility for all.

We’d welcome any comments on accessibility matters.

Do you happen to have any comments you would like to put forward to us ? Do you have any suggestions relating to improving the accessibility of this website ? Yes ? Then we would really love to hear them!

​Contact our accessibility coordinator at

Your feedback helps us to consider making improvements to the site to benefit all.

Physical accessibility at Your Lock Your Key storage sites

Our sites are available to everyone and as such aim to provide complete site accessibility to all. It should be mentioned that because of the physical restrictions of a well run self storage facility and the constraints involved on a security site, the operation of shipping containers and the physical characteristics of the facility, there may be improvements you might spot need attention and if you do notice issues in accessing our container storage units, please feel free to contact our accessibility coordinator as mentioned above who will be more than glad to listen.

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