Storage in Longtown, Haltwhistle or Brampton?

Need self storage facilities near Longtown, Haltwhistle or Brampton in Cumbria? Look no further with a Your Lock Your Key® self storage facility.

village of Brampton, Cumbria
The village of Brampton, in Cumbria, just a few miles from Carlisle.
car unloading at a self storage facility
van loading into a shipping storage container
van unloading at a self storage site

A Your Lock Your Key® storage facility is based within a stones throw of these areas! We provide genuine 24/7 365 a day access to your self storage units. If you’re struggling to find affordable, handy storage in your immediate area, why not consider Carlisle as your self storage base? There’s loads of advantages …

Brampton to Carlisle – around 9 miles and 10 minutes or so in the car via A69

Longtown to Carlisle – around 9 miles and 10 minutes or so in the car via A7

Haltwhistle to Carlisle – around 20 miles and 30 minutes or so in the car via A69

Longtown, Cumbria
Longtown, Cumbria. Around ten minutes in the car from Carlisle.
self storage units
house contents inside a shipping container

Based in Carlisle, we are handy to get to – City Centre location – and provide the very best in handy to get to shipping container self storage.

From a single box to an entire house full of contents.

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