Ever wondered how a shipping container is manufactured?

Watch this amazing YouTube clip on how shipping containers are manufactured in China

Shipping containers

What would the world do without shipping containers? Shipping containers are an amazing invention in terms of efficient transportation of goods and products around the world.

The likelihood is, the majority of goods in your home have been transported in a shipping container and have travelled a substantial distance.

We have put together this blog to provide further insight on the world of shipping container manufacture. Other than transportation of goods, shipping containers have a huge variety of uses, one particular use is that of self storage on our secure gated compound is based in the city centre for domestic or commercial self storage on a 24/7 basis.

Shipping container manufacture

We hope you enjoy this interesting and informative YouTube video. If you require the services of our self storage facilities, Our telephone number is (01228) 590397. Alternatively, click on the relevant page on the navigation menu below.

We sell used shipping containers!

A shipping container
Used shipping containers for sale

Shipping container sales

Other than self storage on our security sites, we often, from time to time, have a selection of quality used shipping containers for sale.Other than self storage on our security sites, we often, from time to time, have a selection of quality used shipping containers for sale.

Shipping containers sales
Shipping containers for sale

Purchasing a shipping container need not be a minefield! We often sell used containers that are wind and watertight.

The price of a used quality shipping container varies in price depending on market conditions, the quality of the units available, and the size of unit. Also, we are able to provide delivery of a unit within a reasonable distance from Carlisle, Cumbria.

If you are in the market for purchasing, why not give us a phone call on (01228) 590397 and see what we have on offer.

Good quality shipping containers can sometimes be hard to find, but not with us, we always have a reasonable range from time to time.

Container information | a lighthearted look to kick off 2020

Ever wondered how much you can fit into a storage shipping container for self storage purposes ? Ever wondered how shipping containers came about ? Never mind all the uses from them !

Click on the link – we’ve a handy and useful link to one of our operators self storage site which goes into a little more depth on Wikipedia, if such things take your fancy!

Our operators have a wealth of useful information on everything there is to know about self storage!