Secure storage at the height of the COVID 19 Epidemic in Carlisle city centre.

A secure storage facility in Carlisle

These are very uncertain times, unprecedented times. What will the outcome be and what will our new world be like once this virus has finished? We’re sure it gets back to normal soon!

Of course, no one can answer those questions as to exactly when, but we can give you some peace of mind with our storage facilities.

Our storage facilities, although subject to lockdown for non essential uses as we comply with all laws and regulations as imposed by the authorities, still provide a safe haven for your goods and possessions.

Excellent security

So rest assured, Although our services may be slightly restricted while under the lockdown, we are contactable as usual by phone on (07739) 103165 or by email on :

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Storage facilities amid the Coronavirus issue

Calm waters
it’s calm waters

It’s definitely all calm in regards Storage Here in Carlisle, Cumbria. We follow all recommendations regarding the outbreak and are open for business with emergency contact numbers.

We have plenty of secure storage for anyone looking for a safe haven for the contents.

We have all manner of storage, predominantly 20 foot steel I SO shipping containers suitable for a variety of belongings, furniture and general products all on our 24/7 security facility in the middle of Carlisle.

The fight between good and bad Storage.

In this short clip, bad Storage has met its day.

Take a look at this quick one minute movie, put the kettle on, relax and take a look at our lighthearted films.


Industrial storage units

It’s not just Container Storage we provide!

Industrial unit
Industrial units in Carlisle
Workshops in Carlisle

We provide alternative storage to that of conventional domestic self storage.

Vehicle unloading at a storage facility
More than just conventional storage

We are proud to announce that we have a wide range of industrial units, workshops, land, gated compound, vehicle parking and a whole host of storage solutions based here in Carlisle, Cumbria.

So whatever your storage needs are, you would be well advised to make contact with us to see how we can help your specific needs whether it be household, domestic or business storage requirements.

Insurance for goods in storage

goods in storage

Unlike others, we do not force or insist you take out our insurance should you have valuable items stored with us.

Of course, your contents are important, and we care for them on our sites with a whole host of security measures, but should you insist on dedicated insurance your household policy may not cover these.

Thats why we provide a simple to use insurance service which can be concluded in MINUTES. Speak to a member of staff for further details.

Remember, Its Good to Store on a Your Lock Your Key® site!

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Ever wondered how a shipping container is manufactured?

Watch this amazing YouTube clip on how shipping containers are manufactured in China

Shipping containers

What would the world do without shipping containers? Shipping containers are an amazing invention in terms of efficient transportation of goods and products around the world.

The likelihood is, the majority of goods in your home have been transported in a shipping container and have travelled a substantial distance.

We have put together this blog to provide further insight on the world of shipping container manufacture. Other than transportation of goods, shipping containers have a huge variety of uses, one particular use is that of self storage on our secure gated compound is based in the city centre for domestic or commercial self storage on a 24/7 basis.

Shipping container manufacture

We hope you enjoy this interesting and informative YouTube video. If you require the services of our self storage facilities, Our telephone number is (01228) 590397. Alternatively, click on the relevant page on the navigation menu below.

We sell used shipping containers!

A shipping container
Used shipping containers for sale

Shipping container sales

Other than self storage on our security sites, we often, from time to time, have a selection of quality used shipping containers for sale.Other than self storage on our security sites, we often, from time to time, have a selection of quality used shipping containers for sale.

Shipping containers sales
Shipping containers for sale

Purchasing a shipping container need not be a minefield! We often sell used containers that are wind and watertight.

The price of a used quality shipping container varies in price depending on market conditions, the quality of the units available, and the size of unit. Also, we are able to provide delivery of a unit within a reasonable distance from Carlisle, Cumbria.

If you are in the market for purchasing, why not give us a phone call on (01228) 590397 and see what we have on offer.

Good quality shipping containers can sometimes be hard to find, but not with us, we always have a reasonable range from time to time.

More storage in Carlisle?

More Self Storage in Carlisle, Cumbria on offer.

Self storage container units
new storage units

We’ve more storage units available for self storage on our facilities in Carlisle, Cumbria, making us undoubtedly the Premier storage operator.

Whether you’re looking for domestic self storage, or perhaps commercial storage requirements, we have extensive land and buildings as well as traditional self storage in our 24/7 security compounds available on flexible easy in easy out terms with drive up access.

If you’re looking for storage, make contact with us today and undoubtedly you will be surprised with what deals are on offer on a Your Lock Your Key® facility with its numerous long established operators.

Container storage on Rome Street Depot
container storage

Happy self storing!

Your Lock Your Key® operators can be contacted by phone on 01228 590397

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It’s good to Store!

It’s good to store on a Your Lock Your Key® site in Carlisle!

Why? Because we offer insured contents, easy drive up access and City Centre locations. Secondly, we provide the very best in storage units for £20 per week.

Our drive up access is fantastic as many traditional self storage companies cant provide this facility.

Removal van loading at more storage 4u
access is so important on a Your Lock Your Key® site

Excellent storage units

To be able to insure your contents gives you peace of mind for as little or as long as you need storage for.

A self storage site in Carlisle

A Your Lock Your Key® site can provide useful help and guidance as to who to use to transport and remove your possessions into storage.

Container Storage in Carlisle, a Your Lock Your Key® facility

For more information on self storage, please telephone us on 01228 590397 today. If you want to be kept in the loop with our blogs, why not subscribe by filling in your email address below.

More Storage 4U is a Your Lock Your Key® operator on the Rome Street Depot in Carlisle

Van unloading
Easy loading and unloading on site

If you’re on the look out for Storage units, self storage is a definite answer.

Take a quick look at this handy link which relates to More Storage 4U based in central Carlisle City Centre.

Because it’s a Your Lock Your Key® facility, you can be certain that the safety and cleanliness on site is of paramount importance, ensuring a happy and friendly service coupled with a secure environment 24/7, to always ensure you have access to your belongings.

You can contact them on 01228 590397 where an appointment to view, or a booking can be made if desired. All major credit and debit cards are also accepted.