Summer 2022 in the world of self storage

It’s nearly that time again! Its getting near to house hunting season again.

The last couple of years have seen a lot of people moving to Cumbria from all over the country, pushing property prices higher. Cumbria certainly is a popular place to relocate to with our lovely scenery and places to visit. It’s vital to book self storage if you’re relocating. It makes life so much easier. So lets take a quick look at what you can store in a self storage facility.

winter sccene
Bye Bye Winter
Cumbrian scenery

What can I store when hiring a self storage unit?

So long as it’s legal, you can store pretty much anything. Clothes can be stored, but our advice is to store them in a plastic bag or box prior to storing them. Furniture can be stored as we have furniture grade container units specially for this purpose. Did you know that shipping containers are not all the same! Ours are furniture grade units suitable for entire house contents if required.

Books again can be stored, Food stuffs also so long as its sealed in tins. Paints also.

What can’t be stored ?

Obviously, anything illegal can’t be stored on our sites! Rubbish, weapons, Flammable goods, Pets, Plants, You, Quad bikes or anything of that nature is not allowed.

Safety and security on site

We have two types of storage possibilities; Indoor and Outdoor. Outdoor shipping container storage is a very popular way of storing posessions these days, and our units are of the highest quality – often brand new shipping container units. You can drive your vehicle right upto your storage container doors without having to climb flights of stairs.

Our shipping container units have secure locking mechanisms and you will have great peace of mind knowing that its your lock, your key with regards to your unit.

shipping container units
montage of container storage units

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