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Ever wanted to know a little more about shipping containers ? Yes, there a great way of storing furniture and items in self storage, but did you know, shipping containers as we know them today were created around the end of the 1940’s to aid transportation of goods around the world.

green shipping container for self storage in carlisle
Shipping containers have a huge range of uses

There was a time when cargo was manually loaded and unloaded at docks. Shipping containers changed all that enabling fast and rapid transportation of goods no matter where the destination is. Our furniture container storage units are well over engineered for the job; weighing in at approximately two tonne, and capable of holding thirty tonnes (thirty small motor vehicles!!), and capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions as these units were designed to be transported around the world on shipping container ships.

So when it comes to storing your Removals household furniture, it’s an absolute doddle!

shipping container being transported
Containers are used globally for transportation purposes

There are millions of shipping containers currently being used to transport goods and cargo around the globe, self storage is just one of the uses for them, however, if you want to learn more about them, we have a couple of Wikipedia links which makes interesting reading …

Shipping Container interesting Wikipedia facts can be found here

Container Ships interesting Wikipedia read can be found here

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