Storage for 2021

It’s 2021 already and what a year 2020 has been.

With house moving experiencing quite a boom during summer 2020, we don’t quite know if 2021 will be the same, but we currently have availability on site of storage units of all shapes and sizes, unlike the competition.

Furniture inside shipping container
shipping containers are a great way to store

So what’s on offer from Your Lock Your Key for 2021?

Located in Carlisle, we have everything from inexpensive lock up garage storage, a huge assortment of shipping containers from 7 foot long upto 30 foot long (enough to store a room upto an entire large house contents), and small industrial storage units and workshops.

this row of 10 foot units is great for storing less
20 foot storage unit
these larger units store much more
Storage Hippo lock up garages
Lock up garages from Storage Hippo

Whatever you need to store, we’re easily situated in Carlisle, Cumbria near the M6 motorway right in the centre of the city centre with outstanding scenery just a stones throw away.

Please note that because we are storage and distribution, our sites remain open and this has been the case during government lockdowns.

M6 motorway Carlisle
M6 motorway Carlisle

Let’s recap with a small picture gallery of Some of our sites in 2020. Among these pictures are some views of the surrounding area.

Wishing everyone a better 2021 ….

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